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Investors have been lightening up on stocks in advance of this week’s FOMC meeting (with 50 bps of rate hikes on the table), and it hasn’t been pretty, as the March lows in the major averages are being retested, and in some cases (like the Russell 2000 and Nasdaq 100), have been broken. It’s as if traders are playing a game of chicken with the Fed. Fortunately, corporate earnings reports have held up pretty well so far – despite the contraction in Q1 US GDP. Of course, we all seek greater clarity on the full scope and outcome of Fed monetary policy, as well as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and China’s COVID lockdowns. Each of these have had tremendous impact on the global economy, supply chains, and inflation.

My expectation has been for more hawkish Fed rhetoric and further tightening actions, a temporary economic slowdown and some demand destruction, and more stock market volatility, followed by mending supply chains, some catch-up in supply to slowing demand, moderating inflation, longer-dated bonds catching a bid, and a return of the “Fed put” to support markets through easier policy – which means fewer rate hikes than the projections suggest. As I see it, the global economy is so financialized that it depends upon ultra-low interest rates and stable markets, and the Fed does not want to be the catalyst for a market selloff. Time will tell.

So today, with graduation season coming up, I’d like to shift gears and share my 7 tips for professional success that I recommend when speaking with groups of new graduates. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, and I’m certainly not claiming to have fully leveraged them all to maximally benefit my own career. They are simply a set of critical habits I compiled based on experience, observation, reading, reflection, and thousands of conversations, meetings, presentations, negotiations, and interactions throughout the years while working within various organizations ranging from a major multinational corporation to solo independent consulting, to a small, entrepreneurial business.

These tips are not just for new grads and young professionals. Seasoned professionals can appreciate them as well – including the many financial advisors among my readership. I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments!  Read on….

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