Qualitative Research from Gradient Analytics

Gradient Analytics offers analyst-driven, qualitative fundamental research into the earnings quality, forensic accounting, executive incentives, and anomalous executive behavior of publicly traded companies.

Leveraging over 15 years of thought leadership and academic research, Gradient delivers to investment managers three analyst-driven research products:  Earnings Quality Analytics (EQA), Earnings Incentive Analytics (EIA), and Gradient International Analyst Research™ (GI).

Earnings Quality Analytics

The Gradient analyst team employs a rigorous two-step research process to deliver comprehensive forensic accounting and corporate governance analysis of widely held public companies. This process objectively identifies companies with improving or deteriorating earnings quality characteristics before they are fully manifested in stock prices.

Earnings Incentive Analytics

Gradient analysts leverage a wide array of proprietary models and databases to sort through the complexities of issues that impact equity compensation, monetization of these incentives by executives, and ultimately company value. The objective is to provide early indications of future stock returns by relying on proprietary research and academic evidence demonstrating a relationship between stock performance and equity compensation and executive behavior factors.

Gradient International Analyst Research™

Gradient International’s focus is on quality and in-depth research of complex issues that impact the sustainability of earnings. We dig deep into areas such as the accrual and cash flow components of earnings, earnings sustainability, balance sheet strength and capital structure viability, foreign exchange effects, domiciled market reporting and disclosure anomalies, valuation in light of sustainable earnings and balance sheet robustness, corporate governance and executive behavior.

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