Scott MartindaleLast week brought even more stock market weakness and volatility as the selloff became self-perpetuating, with nobody mid-day on Wednesday wanting to be the last guy left holding equities. Hedge funds and other weak holders exacerbated the situation. Read more about Sector Detector: Sharp selloff in stocks sets up long-awaiting buying opportunity

Have you noticed that there hasn’t been much new to say about the stock market and its drivers lately? Bears are weary from calling tops that don’t follow through, and bulls are hesitant to inject more cash until they have a more inspiring catalyst. So, we’re pretty much left to wonder whether the overworked mantra “Sell in May and go away” will be a self-fulfilling prophecy…or a contrarian catalyst for the bulls to get busy again. Read more about Sector Detector: Strong earnings balances global worries

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U.S. stocks are raring to rally. Earnings reports have been quite good. Consumers are spending despite stubbornly high unemployment. Interest rates are at rock bottom, which is good for borrowing and also makes stock yields relatively attractive. So what’s the problem? Oh, just the usual—fear of a European debt meltdown triggering a global recession. Read more about Sector Detector: Financials and Materials take the heat

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In the last week, two of Sabrient's favored stocks have rewarded investors with big moves.

On the long side, HealthSpring Inc. (HS) is up 96%  this year. While previously gaining over 75% before the market correction in August, HS rose over 30% on Monday on news that CIGNA would buy them for 3.8 Billion to expand their Medicare business. HS is part of the Sabrient Baker's Dozen, a batch 13 stocks that we expect to perform well for the entire year starting January 1, 2011. Read more about Sabrient Long HS & Short GMCR Making Moves

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david trainerWhen CNBC asked me to take the bear case in a “Stock Brawl” on Starbucks (SBUX — neutral rating) last Thursday (9/28/11), I said sure — I can do that again.

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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) has been under investigation for nearly a year  due its "questionable" accounting practices and frequent restatements. Anthony H. Catanach Jr. & J. Edward Ketz, two college professors, think GMCR will be going down hard before too long. Their verdict: Read more about Sabrient Short GMCR Continues to Make a Bad Cup of Coffee

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Does anyone at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (NASDAQ: GMCR) know math or accounting? Seriously, does anyone in their accounting department know how to count the beans?

green mountain cofee roasters Read more about Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: More Murky Disclosures - Do they know how to count the beans?

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(Editor's Note: This is the first posting on the Sabrient blog by Guest Blogger Sam E. Antar of

Is Michelle Stacy a shrewd insider, a psychic or just plain lucky?

by Sam E. Antar Read more about Is Michelle Stacy a shrewd insider, a psychic or just plain lucky?

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Editor’s note: The Investor's (H)Edge Portfolio, managed by David Brown, is a long/short, absolute-return portfolio of 13 Longs and 13 Shorts.  Each week David reviews one long position and one short position and either renews or replaces the stocks, based primarily on the stocks' scores in the Sabrient Outlook Rankings. Read more about Investor's (H)Edge Portfolio: A Nasty Week and a Highly Caffeinated Short

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