TSC Sabrient Earnings Advantage Portfolios

Sabrient has partnered with TS Capital, LLC,  for a quarterly series of Unit Investment Trust portfolios (UITs). Each UIT seeks to achieve its objective by investing in a portfolio of common stocks with strong earnings selected using a strategy developed by Sabrient Systems, LLC.

Click the UIT name for more information on the TS Capital website, as well as a Fact Sheet and Prospectus.  Check out the performance here.

TSC Sabrient Earnings Advantage Portfolios
Sponsored by TSC Capital, LLC
Portfolio     Ticker Inception Date Termination Date
2013, 4Q N/A 10/08/13 Terminated:  12/31/14
2014, 1Q N/A 01/02/14 Terminated:  03/31/15
2014, 2Q TSSECX 04/01/14 Terminated:  06/30/15
2014,3Q TSSEDX 07/01/14 Terminated: 09/30/15
2014, Q4 TSSEEX 10/01/14 Terminated 12/31/15
2015,Q1 TSSEFX 01/02/15 Terminated 03/31/16
2015,Q2 TSSEGX 04/01/15 Terminated 06/30/16
2015, Q3 TSSEHX 07/01/15 Terminated 09/30/16
2015, Q4 TSSEIX 10/01/15 Terminated 01/03/17
2016, Q1 TSSEJX 01/04/16 04/03/17