Scott MartindaleThe news has been dominated by the predictable on-and-off speculation about progress with Europe’s intractable debt crisis and the Fiscal Cliff here at home. With all the economic uncertainty, Wall Street analysts are struggling with their forward estimates for companies. Stocks have fluctuated accordingly, testing support and seeking catalysts. Read more about Sector Detector: Rankings stay neutral while charts take a bullish turn

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The S&P 500 held once again at the 1350 level, and a “Rush to Risk” ended the shortened week at 1409, up more than 3% for nearly all indices and sectors. Where do we go now? Read more about What the Market Wants: From Rush to Risk to Worry

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“When you are thwarted, it is your own attitude that is out of order.”   -- Meister Eckhart

While the U.S. equity market was having something of a party over the course of the holiday-shortened week, the European Union (EU) was entrenched in yet another series of issues that would seem to indicate just how tenuous the region’s alliance might be.  Read more about ETF Periscope: Britain Adds More Drama to the EU Circus

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The market surprised us this morning with a strong performance. It could be supported by confidence in Housing, as existing sales were better-than-expected and downright positive (stay tuned for more numbers from housing sector tomorrow). Or it could be a technical move off of support at 1343 for S&P 500, which would be nice if the market recognized at healthy 10% sell-off and is now moving forward. Read more about What the Market Wants: A $64 Trillion Dilemma

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Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. –Albert Einstein

Well, that was something of a relief. At least to the Bulls.

With last Friday morning looking a lot like the rest of the week up to that point, it seemed like Wall Street would end up with a five-day losing streak.  Read more about ETF Periscope: A Short Week On Wall Street Might Be a Good Week to Go Short

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An inordinately contentious and dispiriting election season left virtually everyone who was paying attention with a bitter taste in their mouth about the say-whatever-it-takes politicians that so desperately seek the honor of representing us. But never fear, at least we can still look to the top brass in our military for leaders with the utmost in discipline and integrity, right? Read more about Sector Detector: Jaded public needs a new hero

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SANTA BARBARA, CA – Nov. 13, 2012 – Sabrient Systems, LLC, an independent equity research firm that specializes in alpha extraction through quantitative and qualitative analysis, announced today that its next generation stock screen tool, Equity Valuation and Ranking (EVR), is available via the Bloomberg Professional service, as a new feature called the Bloomberg App Portal.

Bloomberg Professional service subscribers globally can instantly access the Bloomberg App Portal at {APPS<GO>} to where they can search for dozens of applications that help users accomplish specific tasks, such as value and price securities, visualize and analyze data or leverage new charting techniques. Applications can be licensed and operated from within the Bloomberg Professional service environment - without disrupting or interrupting workflow. Read more about Sabrient Equity Valuation and Ranking Now Available on Bloomberg App Portal

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Lately we’ve been able to reduce the one thing the market does not want: uncertainty. With all due respect President Obama and Governor Romney, “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.” Check off one big uncertainty. 

Third quarter earnings can be just about checked off.  Not quite as good as the first two quarters, especially on the revenue side, but definitely better than most expected.  Read more about What the Market Wants: The Devil You Know

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I was stuck in a Dallas hotel on October 29, 2012 trying to get to New York City.  The flights to JFK were canceled Monday and Wednesday due to Hurricane Sandy which has left the upper East Coast “Riding the Storm Out.”  I won’t add anything other than my prayers to those affected by this storm as the media has inundated us with plenty of information. Read more about Dark Horse Traders' Hedge: Ride out the Storm with FCX, Option Review

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“If all the economists were laid end to end, they'd never reach a conclusion.” -- George Bernard Shaw

Wall Street inarguably had what turned out to be a rather rough week, experiencing two days of a sharp, post-election sell-off that surely put the Bulls on high alert. Read more about ETF Periscope: Bad Economic Numbers Mean a Good Time to Short the Eurozone

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Scott MartindaleU.S. stocks rallied on Election Day Tuesday, ostensibly in anticipation of a “surprise” Romney win. But on Wednesday, after huge dollars were spent on rancorous campaigns and attack ads that only further deepened the divide in our country, we woke up to find ourselves with the same President and divided Congress that previously failed to address the looming Fiscal Cliff. Read more about Sector Detector: Focus returns to corporate earnings and Europe

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The market remains sensitive to weak forward outlooks and continues to punish those stocks that miss on revenues and beat on earnings. Today, ESRX, Z, and BSFT bore the brunt of that attitude, down -14%, -21%, and -11% respectively after-hours.

But not all is morose. EOG and CVI delivered great earnings reports and raised their forward outlooks, and the market responded positively, though not in as dramatic a fashion as the disappointers. Read more about What the Market Wants: After Tomorrow, Another Uncertainty Bites The Dust

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“Look at situations from all angles, and you will become more open.” -- Dalai Lama

After being bombarded with what feels like a million years of presidential campaign news and advertisements, this coming week will finally bring closure to the identity of the next U.S. President.

That is barring, of course, any new variations on the old “hanging chad” parlor game. Read more about ETF Periscope: Elections the Flame, Wall Street the Moth

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Scott MartindaleI was supposed to be in New York City this week, but Sandy the super storm had other ideas. Some writers are suggesting that since the storm has passed, we can all start getting back to business. But of course, some densely-populated areas In New York and New Jersey have been so devastated that normalcy is a long ways off. Read more about Sector Detector: Stocks attempt to launch a pre-election rally

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