There’s a whole lot of flip-flopping going on in the market right now.  Today it went nowhere on no news at all, but if you’d told me the economic indicators for last week were going to report bad-to-not-so-bad numbers and corporate earnings would be split between disappointing and just okay, I would have said that the market would tank. Read more about WHAT THE MARKET WANTS: Market Flip-flops on Mixed News

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Scott Martindale

The market is flashing signs that it might want to breakout to the upside, and Sabrient’s SectorCast-ETF model seems to be projecting that it just might do it. This unbiased, value-oriented, quantitative model continues to favor sectors that are more dependent on economic growth, like Financials, InfoTech and Energy, which remain comfortably above the more defensive sectors like Utilities, Consumer Staples, and Telecom. Read more about Sector Detector: Financials and Healthcare re-emerge at top of rankings

It worked .  .  . last week the market reversed Monday Mania, starting the week with a down day and ending in a bullish mood. Read more about WHAT THE MARKET WANTS: Business Expansion Driving Market

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Scott Martindale

I’m pleased to say that the Bank of New York's ConvergEx Group today announced the results of its Jaywalk Independent Research Provider Performance Award Program for the second half of 2009. This program recognizes Jaywalk's Independent Research Providers (IRPs) for their exceptional research recommendations.  Read more about Sabrient named recipient of BNY Jaywalk's Director's Choice Award

Since the market ditched its typical Monday mania today, maybe we can escape the inevitable depression that has followed in its wake. Read more about WHAT THE MARKET WANTS: Market Searching for Support

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Scott Martindale

After selling into year-end market strength to close out the year, net weekly net insider trading transactions (the number of individual buyers minus sellers) has finished January on a slightly positive note, as many insiders appear to have taken advantage of the market weakness to increase their net holdings. Read more about Net Insider Trading goes positive again

Forget that the market was down for the fourth consecutive week on Friday.  Investors woke up in a new world today and sent the market soaring.   It is Monday, after all. Read more about WHAT THE MARKET WANTS: Monday Mania Rides Again

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