Sabrient Rising Rate Series
Sponsored by First Trust Portfolios, L.P.
Portfolio Name Ticker Initial Offer Date Product Literature Termination Date
Rising Rate, 4 (Primary) FGZPMX 02/22/16 Adobe PDF 02/22/18
Rising Rate, 3 FZANSX 11/24/15  --- 11/27/17
Rising Rate, 2 FYTPBX 08/28/15 --- 08/28/17
Rising Rate, 1 FNQVHX 06/01/15 --- 06/01/17

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DESCRIPTION: Historically, certain stocks have outperformed the market in periods during which longer-term Treasury bonds have rising yields and Sabrient believes 10-year and longer Treasury yields are likely to rise over the next several years. The Sabrient Rising Rate Portfolio is a unit investment trust that seeks to find companies that Sabrient believes are positioned to perform well in environments of rising Treasury yields.

The stocks in the portfolio are selected by applying a comprehensive investment strategy developed by Sabrient. The selection strategy incorporates the Sabrient/Gradient Earnings Quality Rank (EQR Rank), a proprietary forensic accounting factor, to eliminate companies with aggressive accounting, due to the risk that they may have to restate earnings.